City Electric Bike

City Electric Bike

NWOW-GB2:City E-bike, this electric bicycle can adjust the seat and handlebars according to needs, convenient and practical; the removable battery is easy for charging in any place; for young mothers, it can be equipped with child seats to transport children to school; more light than other heavy electric bicycle;the design aims to improve the experience of cycling and give you a different travel pleasure.

NWOW GB2:This is a very classic city electric bike. From research and development to now after ten years of experience, the vehicle in all parts of the technology is mature. This car is mainly electric drive-oriented, human foot as a supplement. Child handrails provide some security for children sitting behind them, giving them something to grab. The NWOW team is always ready to answer your questions and services, and you are welcome to ask and buy.新视窗-GB2详情10-30--英文版_04新视窗-GB2详情10-30--英文版_07新视窗-GB2详情10-30--英文版_11

Electric   bicycle TypeGB2Battery Model48V12AH   (LEAD-ACID)
External Dimension1750*740*1230mmCharging   Source48V1.8A Output voltage 48V,output current 1.8A
Wheel Base 1200mmTop   Speed40-45KM/H
Vehicle Weight42KG(without battery)Endurance   Mileage50-70KM
Maximum Load 120KGAnti-theft   SystemBattery alarm
Motor Type48V23H350WBraking   System All Drum Brake
Vqn42±1VFront   Shockφ25 Hydraulic Damping
Mpa63±1VBack   Shocks125mm   Spring Shock
ModelController Model48V  17±1A
    DC48V, Maximum 17±1A
Tire   SizeFront   16*2.125,Back 16*2.5;
Instrument(48V LCD)


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