60V20Ah Electric Scooter

60V20Ah Electric Scooter

Technical Data Very honored to recommend to you the electric bike of our company. We are ready to serve you at any time. As one of the best manufacturers and suppliers in China, WUXI YINGHAO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD has the ability to provide you the most stable technical support and the...
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Product Details

60V20Ah Electric Scooter


Dimension1780×720×1030 mm
Brake System(Front/Rear)FRONT/REAR DISC BRAKE
Range distance per charge40-50km
Battery Weight(KG) 35
Net Weight (no battery)51KGS
Rated Motor power(W)1000
Battery type60v20ah
Charging Time6-10hours
tyre size3.00-10 TUBELESS

Our advantage

1.Easy to ride.

2.Wide deck for comfortable foot position while riding.

3.Aluminum Alloy, durability, and light weight.

4.Outstanding and iconic design.

5.Low noise.

6.Easy maintenance.

7.Front and rear brake allow confident riding and safety.

8.Ecological, economical, and environmentally friendly (zero emission).

9.Anti-slip desk surface.

When the load increases, the output torque of the motor increases, and the power increases. At this time, the mileage is small. It is also related to driving conditions and ambient temperature. When the road conditions are poor, the mileage will be shortened. Because the current is higher than the average current when climbing and starting, the time will be shortened. The change in ambient temperature also affects the battery capacity. The higher the temperature, the higher the capacity, and the lower the temperature, the lower the capacity.


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