Lithium Battery Mini Scooter

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Lithium Battery Mini Scooter

The simple electric bicycle uses a 48V12AH battery and can run for about 35 kilometers. 


Dimension1730×660×1070 mm
Brake System(Front/Rear)DRUM BRAKE
Range distance per charge35-45km
Battery Weight(KG)27
Net Weight (no battery)50KGS
Rated Motor power(W)500
Battery type48v20ah
Charging Time6-10hours
tyre size90/90-12

The factors affecting the mileage of electric vehicles are as follows:

Ambient temperature: When the ambient temperature is lowered, the battery life will be shortened accordingly. According to experience, the battery capacity will drop by nearly 1% for every 1℃ drop in room temperature, so the electric vehicle battery will be used for a shorter period of time in winter.

The actual situation such as the load capacity and the frequency of starting the brakes.

Depth of discharge: The depth of discharge is the degree of battery use in electric bicycle riding. The deeper the depth of each discharge, the shorter the battery life. Simply put, after a battery is fully charged, the longer the electric vehicle is used, the greater the battery discharge depth.

Road traffic problems: If the slope is relatively large, the distance traveled will be reduced.

Improper charging of electric vehicle batteries can shorten battery life.