Electric Tricycle for Adults

Welcome to buy or wholesale the high quality Electric Rickshaw Passenger Tricycles 1000w made in China from our factory. This eleritc tricyde for aduits.As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we have many qualified personnel and advanced equipment at your service.

Through the most in-depth market research, NWOW customizes and designs according to the special needs of customers in different regions, which also promotes the continuous upgrading of NWOW's Quality & technology which enables NWOW to provide better products and services for both customers and suppliers. Electric Tricycle for Adults Bike with 1000W motor and battry type is 18v100ah, charge time is 6-10 hours.

Dimension2800×980×1800 mm
Rear case size1300×980×1420 mm
Brake System(Front/Rear)DRUM BRAKE
Range distance per charge70-90km
Battery Weight(KG)140
Net Weight (no battery)180KGS
Rated Motor power(W)1000
Battery type48v100ah
Charging Time6-10hours
tyre size3.50-12