Analysis of common problems of electric tricycles and maintenance principles

- Jul 25, 2018-

As the next popular transportation vehicle, electric tricycles have indeed helped the masses and become a reliable and powerful assistant in people's daily production and life. However, there may be some malfunctions during use. At present, many electric tricycle brands have established a perfect after-sales service system. However, if we can master some maintenance techniques or solve them by ourselves, it will greatly shorten the repair time and reduce the trouble.


From the overall analysis, the fault phenomenon of electric tricycles can be mainly divided into two categories, one is a flexible fault. The so-called flexible fault refers to the situation of good or bad time, or there is no obvious law to follow the occurrence of the fault. If the copper wire in the controller is desoldered, sometimes the motor is in good normal operation; sometimes the motor will start to be weak when it is not well contacted. The most effective solution to this problem is to change parts.


The other type is a rigid fault. For example, in the process of using an electric tricycle, it is found that the power-off brake is damaged, and the motor power cannot be cut off. There is a principle in the maintenance of electric tricycles, which is the principle of minimization. The simple problem itself has been minimized, and complex problems need to grasp the key points of the problem and find a breakthrough.