Analysis on the Necessity and Feasibility of the Development of Electric Motorcycle

- Aug 14, 2017-

From the analysis of domestic development situation, because the private car is not popularity enough, in such circumstances, flexible and convenient electric motorcycle has become a popular mean of transport. This is also the reason why China will become the manufacturing power and consumption power of electric motorcycles. However, in the current development, only to seek new energy, the development of electric motorcycles will be more promising.

Compared with other means of transport, electric motorcycle has many advantages. For the user, this vehicle is not only comfortable ride and convenient, and also very energy saving. So it can not only serve as a means of travel, but also to meet the short travel needs. In general, it belongs to a veritable green transport, and it is also an ideal replacement for traditional fuel motorcycles.

From the analysis of technical level, the domestic electric technology is not mature enough, and there are still many unresolved problems. For the electric motorcycle, its production technology is relatively less stringent, and electric car research results can also be used directly, which for its development provides a lot of favorable factors, so the status of the industry also become more and more important.

From the structural point of view, the electric motorcycle manufacturing and structural design are relatively simple, less number of parts required, and with the electronic technology, battery technology development and improvement, coupled with mass production and other factors, And ultimately make the product has a high value.

In the future development, oil prices will continue to rising. In such circumstances, the shock energy efficiency of electric motorcycle will be more prominent. In addition, if we can strengthen the standardized management of electric motorcycles, it will bring a new spring for the electrical industry.


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