Answers to common questions about electric vehicles

- Aug 02, 2018-

The first question: What is the relationship between the speed and speed of the electric car we use during the ride?

In fact, the speed of an electric car during driving is affected by many factors, such as the rated speed of the motor, the size of the wheel, the size of the battery and voltage, whether the controller limits the speed, whether the road is good or not, whether it is a wind or not. The plastic parts, the assembly process of the car, etc. are all related, as well as the tire pressure and weight.


The second question: What is the main mileage of an electric car?

In general, the battery life depends on the battery capacity, the efficiency of the motor and the rated current, the riding current, and the road conditions, frequent start and stop and the weight of the passengers have a certain relationship.


The third question: If an electric vehicle has a problem with the mileage reduction, how should the main reason be analyzed?

In response to this problem, we first consider the quality of the battery, such as the battery capacity is reduced, and the battery capacity is also normal in winter. Secondly, there is a problem with the charger. In fact, the battery is not fully charged. In addition, it may also be due to the low efficiency of the motor, which causes the battery life to drop.