Assembly requirements and safe travel for electric cargo tricycles

- Jan 05, 2019-

When installing  electric cargo tricycles products, no matter which type of structure is used, it should be assembled according to the model requirements, and must not be misplaced or missing. At the same time, each fastener should be fastened in place, and it must be ensured that each running part is flexible in rotation, the clearance is appropriate, and the adjustable part has appropriate adjustment room. Moving parts are not allowed to rub against the moving parts.


As a user, you should pay more attention when climbing or starting. When starting and climbing, avoid excessive acceleration, prevent excessive starting current, overloading the machine for a long time, causing overheating of motor coils, lines, batteries and governors, and even causing disasters. During the use, you should also pay attention to the traffic rules and do not steal.  Electric cargo tricycles are not fast enough to be compared to motor vehicles at start-up. Therefore, everyone must be careful and safe when crossing the intersection, so as not to rush and ensure travel safety.


In short, no matter which travel tool you use, security is first. This requires us to keep in mind the common sense of safe use during the use of electric tricycles to avoid danger due to improper