Assembly requirements and safe use of heavy-duty electric tricycle bike

- Dec 12, 2018-

In order to ensure the user's use effect, there are strict requirements on the assembly quality of heavy-duty electric tricycle products: First, the heavy-duty electric tricycle bike should be assembled according to their model requirements, and must not be misplaced or missing; secondly, the fasteners on the body should be tight. Solid in place; each rotating component should be flexible in operation, proper clearance, and appropriate adjustment room for adjustable parts. Moving parts are not allowed to rub against the moving parts.


As a user, we also need to be familiar with the safe use of electric tricycle bike. Nowadays, the vehicle has become an indispensable transportation tool in daily production and life. Although it has been highly safe in many years of development, improper operation still has some dangers.


Be careful when the electric tricycle is used. For example, some electric tricycle bike have a power supply voltage that is even higher than 36 volts. Exceeding the safe voltage threshold is prone to electric shock, so consumers should be extra careful. In addition, consumers should always check the circuit plug-in