Battery maintenance of electric bicycles

- Jun 28, 2017-

In nowadays, because of the electric bicycles are designed better and more innovative, the requirements of the battery will be much higher. In terms of this point, we need to pay more attention to the maintenance of batteries. Next, we are on this aspect to give you some advises.

About the battery maintenance of electric bicycles, first of all, we actually have to clean the battery box. Moreover, on the other side, we actually need to keep the battery dry and clean. And this can help preventing the phenomenon of self-discharge battery.

The second aspect of Electric bicycle battery maintenance, we actually have to pay attention to the battery and avoid the phenomenon of excessive discharge. Excessive discharge will cause the battery serious loss of power. It will greatly shorten the use life of the battery.

Now on the application of the electric bicycle battery, we actually have to make sure that its installation is steady. We can prevent the damage of shocking while riding the electric bicycle. When we find the battery rupture phenomenon, we should replace the battery immediately, to avoid the acid corrosion caused by the phenomenon.

On the electric bicycle battery maintenance, we actually have to control the actual load of the electric bicycle. When the actual weight of the electric bicycle is too large, it will lead to an increase in motor current, which will lead to the battery over discharge, or early attenuation, and finally, will seriously affect the battery life.


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