Characteristics of electric four wheelers

- Dec 27, 2016-

1, can go to the car: mainly considering the mobility of users themselves, can be moved in small spaces.

2, automatic braking: the reaction rate and the distribution of main users, release the switch to brake.

Large 3, power: mainly climbing degrees to prevent the starting moment car is taken into account.

4, slow: main considerations too fast, using obstacles easily slid out of the car.

5, standard voltages: 24V, which is an international practice, of course, technology updates, and later will be able to change, to be validated.

For users who don't understand keep judging according to the characteristics of your scooter are not authentic products, some manufacturers use electric bicycle configuration modification, indistinguishable from appearance, certain characteristics of the product. Also price is on the bottom don't buy to prevent fall, try to choose a production manufacturer of elderly scooter for a long time, this sale can only be guaranteed.