Description of the function characteristics of each Electric Cargo Tricycle

- Nov 02, 2018-

Electric Cargo Tricycle is a kind of transportation that is transformed from ordinary tricycle. It can carry people and can also be transported. It is very popular in the current market. The  Electric Cargo Tricycle has beautiful appearance, energy saving and labor saving, good climbing performance, flexible steering, economical and practical, reliable quality and environmental protection.


The  Electric Cargo Tricycle meets the needs of different users by virtue of its large dynamic performance during driving. The motor runs with low noise and long service life. The speed control system adopts stepless speed regulation, and the structure is simple and easy to operate. Due to its small size, it can travel flexibly between narrow roads. At the same time, there is also a reverse switch, which can easily realize the reverse driving function and has voice prompts. This is very practical in the narrow alleys and alleys of the road, which is very convenient for parking.


 Electric Cargo Tricycles are one of the green environmentally-friendly vehicles. They are friendly to the environment. Users can recharge at night when power is low, make full use of power resources, and have social benefits of environmental protection and energy conservation. The  Electric Cargo Tricycle charging and driving system has been carefully designed and used with high-quality components, which greatly reduces the running cost and the average running cost is far lower than that of the equivalent car.