Do you understand the shock absorption performance of electric vehicles

- Aug 16, 2018-

For the user, the shock absorption performance of the electric vehicle will directly affect the comfort of daily riding. At present, the shock absorption system mainly includes front shock absorption and rear shock absorption. The performance of shock absorption directly affects the comfort level of the vehicle. If you don't feel obvious enough, you can ride different brands of different brands to find the feeling. When we buy an electric car, we can use some methods to check the performance of the front shock absorption.


The specific method is: first ride on the electric car, then quickly increase the speed of the vehicle, then suddenly the front brake, then the front shock absorber will be immediately compressed due to the inertia of the vehicle itself, then the hands hold the brakes to the body with shock absorption Press down hard and feel whether the shock absorption is in the end. If the shock absorption is in the end, the damping effect is very poor, and the quality of the front shock absorption is not enough.


When testing the rear shock absorption performance of an electric vehicle, it is also felt by riding. At this time, some speed bumps or gullies can be used to sense the comfort level through the rear seat, or the seat cushion can be pressed down quickly to sense the comfort of the shock absorber. Good shock absorption has a downward absorbing function in addition to compression, and shock absorbing rebound should also have a shock absorbing function instead of a hard slamming.