Domestic electric vehicle market is fertile, why the market is big but not strong?

- Aug 09, 2017-

Domestic electric vehicle industry from birth to development so far, the whole industry, what happened? According to the industry veteran, compared with the previous, the appearance of electric vehicles and production technology has changed a lot, but the industry's profit margins are getting smaller and smaller. How is this going on?

I believe we all know, in fact, in the domestic electric vehicle market, the social security is a very impressive figure. And the market is still maintaining a high demand growth every year. So why does profit margins fall? In such a big domestic market, why the whole industry does not seem to see the development? Many of my friends will think that the whole industry presents a large but not strong state.

First of all, we need to understand that the electric vehicle industry in the process of scale expansion, it should be based on the core of the rigid demand in the consumer market above. After more than 10 years of development, the industry's innovation has been difficult to break through. The main factor is not the market's driving force is not enough, but the development policy is not clear enough.

Because of the domestic electric vehicle industry developing environment is more complex. In such an environment, the industry is difficult in a short time to obtain a greater breakthrough. So, this has caused the problem today. Although the whole industry looks very large, but it’s really has advanced technology strength and innovation ability of the enterprise is very small.

In the long process of development, the industry experienced a price war, quality problems and a series of growth. And now the electric vehicle industry will be how to meet the future development? In any case, we hope that in the future development, the domestic electric vehicle industry to bid farewell to "big but not strong" situation.


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