Electric cars more practical

- Dec 27, 2016-

1, electric vehicle development and manufacturing operations must comply with the relevant regulations of the State. Vehicles, parts and performance national technical standards and specific requirements must be met. 2, electric vehicles are electric-powered, driven by electric motors, no new pollution, no flammable, explosive hazards. 3 battery for energy storage, electric vehicles have to be pollution-free and environment-friendly. And the durable life, with super fast charging (2-3C over current) function. Continue the mileage of the vehicle depending on usage to determine a charge, to the device enough power in the battery pack, making full use of ultrafast charging public charging stations to the extension line mileage. 4, electric unit should have a high efficiency of energy conversion. Reclamation and recycling of energy of braking, deceleration, to comprehensive energy utilization efficiency of vehicles. 5, according to the vehicle use and driving speed, traffic regulations and should not exceed the limit value, reasonable allocation choose the power of electric motor and battery capacity. 6, vehicle driving operation, control is simple and effective, reliable and ensure traffic safety. 7 durable low maintenance, mechanical and electrical installations. Vehicle operating costs low. 8, according to the target market needs, providing practical, appropriate models to meet, and strive to achiev