Electric tricycles must not be charged overnight

- Jul 03, 2019-

With the advent of cold air, the temperature has turned sharply, and the batteries of many electric tricycles are becoming less and less durable, and the mileage is gradually reduced. Electric tricycles are also afraid of cold in winter and need the correct charging method. When the temperature is lowered, the storage capacity of some batteries will decrease.

Therefore, the electric power stored in the electric tricycle will be weakened in the winter, especially in the environment below 25 degrees, the power storage will be more obvious. This requires the user to enhance maintenance and maintenance during use and extend the service life. Electric tricycles need to be charged for about 8 hours in the winter and two hours in the summer.

Some citizens do not pay attention, and are used to charging all night, which will shorten the battery life. The service life of an electric tricycle battery also depends on the number of times the consumer is charging. The more frequently the battery is charged, the shorter the battery life will be. Try to use the original charger as soon as possible, do not wait for the power to be less than 30% or the alarm light is on and then recharge. When the electric tricycle starts, do not start the battery immediately. The best way is to ride the power.www.yinghaotechnology.com