Electric vehicle product development and market analysis

- May 08, 2018-

The competition in the electric vehicle market is fierce. Of course, competition is a true reflection of the market's prosperity. At present, there is still great potential for development in the domestic electric vehicle market. In this fierce process, market competition has gradually evolved from price competition to product and service competition.


Compared with other modes of transportation, the main advantages of electric vehicles are environmental protection, labor saving, economy and convenience. And different models have different users. Under normal circumstances, urban residents tend to prefer bicycles due to restrictions on speed, quality, and driving space. In the future, bicycles with comfortable seats can be developed. However, urban and rural residents have large living spaces and are free from restrictions. They tend to look more luxurious and stylish.


For consumers, as a daily transportation tool, the overall satisfaction of electric vehicles is high. At the same time, combined with consumer surveys and analysis, most users consider the product quality when purchasing a car. At the same time, they put forward higher requirements for the durability and lightness of the product. For manufacturers, establishing a good reputation is the foundation for long-term development.


At the same time, considering comprehensive considerations, electric vehicles should firmly grasp the advantages of “environmental protection” and “environmental protection” in the future development, and strive to replace the market of motorcycles and fuel-assisted vehicles to a greater extent, and also be environmentally friendly. Make a contribution to your business. From the product point of view, we should focus on increasing the mileage of batteries, extend the battery life, strengthen the recycling of used batteries, prevent secondary pollution of the environment, and vigorously promote the use of new energy.


In addition, it is also necessary to strengthen the climbing performance of electric motor vehicles, and to adopt a new type of design to change the stereotype of electric vehicles to minimize weight. In addition, we must strengthen the anti-theft function of electric vehicles.http://www.yinghaotechnology.com/