Electric vehicle purchase summary

- Jun 25, 2018-

First, in the selection process, the appearance quality of the electric vehicle should be inspected, mainly to check whether the surface of the electric vehicle paint and plating parts is intact. At the same time when performing visual inspections, special attention must be paid to the details of the quality of the electric vehicle.


Second, after checking the appearance quality, you should also try riding to feel the performance of electric vehicles. Under normal circumstances, when the car is moving, its speed-adjustment transition should be smooth, and there should be no impact at the start. The wheels should be rotated flexibly and without any sense of stagnation. The hub rotation sound is soft and there is no abnormal sound. The brakes should be tight and moderate, and the brakes are reliable.


Third, the next step is to look at the auxiliary functions that the electric vehicle has, such as whether the power display, driving speed, mileage display, etc. are in the normal state.


In addition, we must also pay attention to checking whether the accessory, charger, certificate, manual, and warranty card attached to the electric vehicle are complete. In short, this will help us to buy a satisfactory electric car.http://www.yinghaotechnology.com/