Electric vehicles fireproofing in summer

- Jun 24, 2017-

In hot summer, electric vehicles are used in wrong ways will lead to spontaneous combustion and even fire.Security is worrying, but do the following 8 points can be more secured.

1, you must wait two or three hours and recharged after the battery is cool down;

2, during charging, you should pay attention to whether the lines are aging to prevent short circuit situation.

3, charging time around 10 hours is appropriate beware of overheating caused by the charger.

4, prevent the batteries away from flammable and explosive materials.

5, try not to put the electric vehicle in the sunlight exposure; the battery will be damaged due to internal pressure and dehydration, causing the battery activity decreased to accelerate the aging plate.

6 remember to charge the batteries every day, so that the battery in a shallow cycle state, the battery life will be extended.

7, electric vehicles while starting, manned, up hilling, if you accelerate too fast, it will form a moment of high current discharge. Large current discharge will easily lead to the damage of the batteries.

8, be sure to choose the original chargers.

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