Electrical system design requirements for heavy-duty electric tricycles

- Dec 30, 2018-

The electrical equipment configured in the heavy-duty electric tricycle needs to have a quality certificate in accordance with the standard, and should be installed in place, the polarity is correct, and the electrical fittings should be compatible with the current amount. The joints in the line must be in good contact and the weld must be firm and reliable. The installation and fixing of electrical components should be firm and reliable. The loading and unloading and connection of the battery should be convenient and have obvious polarity identification.


Secondly, the electrical equipment of the heavy-duty electric tricycle should also ensure that the insulation measures are in place and all the connecting lines must not be exposed. There should be sufficient dielectric strength between the live and non-charged parts. The insulation resistance at 500V normal state is not less than 2MΩ. The nominal voltage of the battery should be no more than 60V, and the battery should have good sealing performance. There should be no leakage when charging and discharging under the normal installation position.


In addition, at least one circuit overcurrent protection device is required to cut off at least one electrode of the vehicle power source when the current is too large during use of the heavy duty electric tricycle. This device can be a main switch, a disconnect device or a fuse.www.yinghaotechnology.com