Ergonomics analysis of innovative design of electric tricycle

- Sep 26, 2018-

All along, electric tricycles have been favored by the majority of users because of their convenience, economy, environmental protection and energy saving. At the same time, in the process of innovative research, the new structure of electric tricycle products has brought people a new experience of driving posture, which enhances the driver's comfort and safety during driving.


This is because in the structural design, the electric tricycle has been designed and studied in particular according to the principle of ergonomics, so that it has many advantages in the city due to its good appearance and unique position design. Favor. The first is to analyze the size of the man-machine according to the requirements of the relevant standards. For example, according to the average value of the human arm, it is possible to design a distance suitable for the arm movement between the body and the handlebar during the driver's driving.


Secondly, during the use of electric tricycles, during the process of propelling the vehicle, it is usually carried out in the scale range from high hand function to elbow height. When designing the handlebars, we should design according to the average value of the hand function. It is suitable for the vertical distance between the handlebar and the ground when pushing the electric vehicle.