Fire knowledge on electric bicycle

- Dec 27, 2016-

Always check the circuit socket for electric bicycles, protection from exposure to arcing caused by weak points of contact, fever; avoid aging, wear and tear and cause a short circuit, electrical accidents occur. Electric vehicles in the course of normal use, failure to select a professional repair body or person, do not arbitrarily remove the electrical protection devices, ensure that the electrical wiring and protection equipment in good working condition. Electric Bicycle battery charge ran out when combustible gases, so charges must not narrow, sealed environment should be done outdoors as much as possible, or remove the battery charge alone. Charging time to select the appropriate line and line laying fixed installation, installation of short circuit and electric leakage protection device.

Electric cars must stay away from flammable objects and never charging time is too long, the charging time is too long, charger overheating risk of fire while charging should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the manual charging, the charging time may not exceed 10 hours, in principle. Charging, the charger should be placed in a place easier to heat; if poor quality battery for electric bicycle or use for a long time, the temperature of the battery charger easy to very high, fire, charging so when I sleep at night may not be taken lightly.

In the course of electric bicycles started, Hill should be pedal to prevent excessive starting current, mechanical overload for a long time, which may cause overheating of the coil, wires, battery and speed controller damage, or even lead to disaster. To avoid roads in rainy days, water retention, in case the motor into the water while charging circuit on fire.

In addition, when buying an electric car, lithium-ion battery should be preferred. Its large capacity, less consumption, less pollution, followed by lead-acid batteries, it is well sealed, not electrolyte leakage, be sure to prevent pollution caused by electrolyte leakage, corrosion and damage. Buy electric cars must see product brochures and press manual operation, also select with electric cars, battery chargers, electrical model, matching battery specifications.