Flatcar advantages

- Dec 27, 2016-

Flatcar is mainly used for transport between the two cross-shop and shop. Overhead traveling crane box-girder structure is my company's product feature, deformation, real load load factor is high. Material of the wheel ZG55 wheel group dedicated to crane. Gearbox adopts hard tooth surface gear. Selected components are the best configuration of components.

The main structure is:

(1) the use of box-shaped structure, with steel welded together, two open end Liang Cheng.

(2) used hard tooth surface deceleration machine drive, hard tooth surface deceleration machine of gear used high strength low carbon alloy steel by carburizing quenching and into, tooth surface hardness high, gear are used NC mill tooth process, precision high, contact sex good, drive efficiency high, running smooth, noise low; volume small, and weight light, and using life long, and hosted capacity high; easily split check, easy installation.

(3) use brushless DC motors DC motors with fast response, large starting torque, rotational speed from zero to the rated rotary speed with rated torque can provide the performance, AC Motors on a single attribute to achieve performance equivalent to DC motor control technology must be used to reach.

Flatcar cost-effective configuration of the structure which effectively extend the service life of the appliance, which prolongs the service life of electric. Electric also has the advantages of high safety, ease of maintenance, attractive appearance while giving users up to the maximum cost savings, but also to the factory floor at very convenient for transport.