Four taboos of using electric bicycles

- May 19, 2017-

  1. Do not use the battery till the battery is exhausted. Most people use the electric bicycle battery until completely exhausted, and then they will charge the battery.
    Tip: The battery is best to be charged before fully exhausted, otherwise it will speed up the battery attenuation, shorten the battery life.
    2. Avoid the use of battery before it is fully charged. Some people remind to charge the battery very late, the battery is not fully charged till the next morning.
    Tip: Each time the battery should be fully charged before using. If you often use the battery before fully charged, it will shorten the battery life.


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    3. Avoid long-term no charging. Some people do not use electric bicycles for a long time, so they also don’t charge the battery for a long time.
    Tip: In fact, the battery will still discharge when not in use. long time no charging to the battery will reduce the performance of the battery. Even if we don’t use for a long time, we also need to charge the battery every half a month.
    4. In order to save effort, many people do not ride before the battery is exhausted, including the start and on the bridge, climbing.
    Tip: electric bicycles in the starting, climbing, heavy load, the battery discharge will be higher than usual, the current will be significantly increased.

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