General maintenance of enclosed electric passenger tricycle

- Jul 10, 2017-

Enclosed electric passenger tricycle mainly uses high quality and large capacity batteries as its power supply. In the process of using it has strong power, enclosed electric passenger tricycle adopts the high quality of dc motor, a reversing switch, can easily achieve its reverse driving.

The enclosed electric passenger tricycle has voice prompt. It can totally avoid producing environmental pollution. It is very beneficial to environmental protection. It can be directly recharged at night avoid peak hours. It has the social benefit of environmental protection and energy saving.

The driver system, charging and other functions of the enclosed electric passenger tricycle are well designed. The equipments are made of high quality components. It can reduce the operation cost greatly; the average operating cost is much lower than a car. 

Enclosed electric passenger tricycle needs to be debugged before they go out. We will effective check its electric control circuit, if there is a problem we will solve it before it comes to the customers. 

Is the redirector of enclosed electric passenger tricycle reliable? Is the phenomenon of handlebar and front fork produces mutual sliding existence? Whether the socket is loose? Whether the battery box, horn, headlight switch, button is flexible and reliable?

Enclosed electric passenger tricycle should be checked whether the battery box is locked or not? Whether the panel lights are normal or not? And do the driving safety check as the ordinary bicycle; make necessary machinery and road safety inspection.


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