Guide to using electric vehicles in summer

- May 12, 2017-

 The hot summer is coming, Self-ignition accidents of electric vehicles are often happened.

Wuxi Ying Hao Technology Co., Ltd reminds you that the weather is hot, electric vehicles need to guard against getting too hot to ensure the use of safety.

Battery Bicycle.jpg

Battery Bicycle

     We should regularly check the circuit contacts of electric vehicles are loose or not, to prevent accidents caused by aging and wear of circuits and short circuits.

     While charging the batteries, combustible gas will come out. Remember not charging the batteries in a narrow, sealed environment. The batteries should be away from flammable items and try to operate in the outdoors.

     It often rains in summer, try to avoid riding in raining days to prevent the motor away from the water. When you need a long riding in summer, the ordinary electric vehicles in the process of starting, climbing should be accelerated slowly to prevent the starting current is too large. The overtime working caused the motor coil, line, battery and speed controller overheating.




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