Guidelines And Instructions For Electric Vehicle Batteries

- Mar 04, 2017-

Guidelines And Instructions For Electric Vehicle Batteries


With the popularity of electric vehicles in today's society, more and more people choose electric vehicles as transports. However, the batteries are consumable goods. With the in-depth use, the ways to use the batteries correct becoming a focus in our daily life.


1. The batteries in daily use should be checked on a regular basis. If the mileage of per charge shows a sharp decline in a short time, then at least one of the batteries is likely to have some problems. It’s very necessary to go to the professional testing institutions to get testing, fixing or replacing.


2. Avoid parking electric vehicles under the blazing sun for quite a long time. The batteries will be out of activity under the environment of high temperature for a long time. The storage capacity of the batteries will continue to decline and cause irreparable damage to the batteries.


3. When you don’t use the electric vehicles for quite a long time, remember to store the batteries under the full charge state. The power-lack of the batteries for a long time will lead to the decline of the storage capacity of the batteries. When you don’t use the batteries, you need to recharge them once a month to keep the batteries in a healthy state.


4. Do not start the electric vehicles in a large current. Large load discharge does damage to batteries.


5. Control the charging time of the batteries. Generally the charging time of batteries is about six to eight hours. Overcharge will reduce the service life of batteries. The most important thing is that you must use the original chargers to charge.


Through the above methods, you can effectively extend the service life of the batteries. The electric vehicles will become the better means of transportation in our daily lives.


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