How to charge electric bikes correctly?

- May 27, 2017-

Most people don't know how to charge the electric bikes correctly and how to control the charge time. I’ll show you some details below.

1 How should electric bikes be charged correctly?

Two main principles should be mastered: one is shallow discharge and to be charged frequently. Second is don’t overcharge.


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2 why do you need to shallow discharge?

Due to the shallow discharge, the numbers of recharge cycles will increase greatly. Therefore, according to this theory, recharge frequently is beneficial to the cycle life.

3 what is the harm of charging too long?

Too much time in charge of the battery can overpower the water in the battery and accelerate the vulcanization process of the plate, causing the decline of the battery capacity due to lack of water, until the battery is scrapped.

4 How to control the charging time?

The correct charging time is: when the green light is on, continue charging for one or two hours. Then cut off the power.


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