How to develop good electric bike operation habit?

- Jan 10, 2018-

So far, electric bikes have become one of the preferred means of transportation for people to travel daily.One of the more important issues for many users is the "endurance mileage" of electric bikes.It is believed that most users have encountered an awkward situation on the half way.

This is bound to bring us a lot of inconvenience, so how to avoid this situation as much as possible?Here are some practical tips to help you!

1.When using electric bikes, you must pay attention to the load limit.Obviously, it has a certain load limit in itself, and the overload can not only have a large negative impact on the motor and battery, but also have a great danger.

And less load can not only reduce the burden of electric motor, but also reduce the power consumption, so if you want to run far, don't overload.

2.It is advisable to use economic speed.If you are not in a hurry, do not add the speed to the maximum, so as not to increase the power consumption, which means that the distance of the electric bikes will be shortened.Not only can the economy speed up the range, but also extend the motor and brake life.

3.Safety should be paid attention to during daily driving, and the emergency braking and acceleration should be minimized.This is because both the emergency brake and the rapid acceleration will aggravate the damage to electric bike batteries and accelerate the wear and tear of brake parts.

In addition to the above content, users also pay attention to the careful maintenance of electric bikes.It mainly includes two aspects, one is to check the tire pressure regularly to ensure that the tire pressure is normal.On the other hand, when the battery runs out, you should stop using electric bikes to avoid irreversible damage to the battery.