How to do maintenance of electric bicycles?

- Jul 05, 2017-

Electric bicycle, we should have a certain familiar with the involved aspects, so you can have a comprehensive understanding of electric tricycles. Therefore, based on this would make its maintenance work guidance, in particular, is the vehicle maintenance for electric bicycle, in order to have good maintenance effect.

Electric bicycle maintenance, its specific content and projects, mainly has the following aspects:

(1) Electric bikes, before using, appropriate adjustments should be made for the saddle and handlebar. In this way, it can guarantee the ride comfort. However, it is important to note that for the adjustment of the saddle and handlebar, should guarantee the inserting depth of the stand pipe, it should be higher than safe line.

(2) On the brake, it should be adjusted before using the electric bicycle. In general, the front brake is controlled by the right brake lever, and the rear brake is controlled by the left brake lever. Also, checking the brake lining for excessive wear, if any, it should be timely replacement of the new.

(3) For the tightness of the chain. The chain also needs to be checked. It should be not too tight or too loose. The droop of the chain should be controlled in the range of 1 to 2 mm. The adjustment of the chain is through the nut. And lubrication is also important.

(4) The start of electric bicycle. Try not to start immediately. Avoiding start immediately, especially when vehicle overload and meet uphill.

Starting with human riding, after reaching a certain velocity, then converted to electric drive. Therefore, if you don't do like this, the battery of electric bicycle may be impaired and affect the service life.


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