How to do product positioning of electric bicycles?

- Jul 11, 2017-

In the current market, people don't seem to realize the importance of "product positioning", for a long time, our understanding of the word is very fuzzy.

Even some people directly mix the "product positioning" with the concept of "market orientation". So, what are the "product positioning" of electric bicycles actually means?

As we all know, electric bicycles has appeared and developed for quite a long time. The whole industry is increasingly towards standardization and standardization. However, when it comes to the concept of "product positioning", we are still have a lot of misunderstanding. Actually, for the industry, "product positioning" during the market competition is more and more important, even sometimes can affect the success of brand development.

Especially in today's electric bicycle industry, the product homogeneity problem has become increasingly prominent. The suitable "product positioning" is a magic weapon to win. So, what exactly is "product positioning"? For this problem, we can explain it this way. In fact, the so-called product positioning refers to the production enterprise with what kind of products to meet the needs of target consumers or target consumption market.

Also it can be understood that the so-called product positioning will has a great influence of the products in the future whether the customers will accept or not?

So when we make the product positioning, we need to cling to the characteristics of the electric bicycles, packaging, the characteristics of the service and take into account the situation of the competitors.

Then combined with such data at the same time, to constantly analyze and research the change of market and consumer demand. If necessary, we can also reposition the electric bicycles, so as to ensure we're more competitive than our competitors.


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