How to identify the assembly electric vehicles and the original electric vehicles

- Jun 26, 2017-

Now, you can see the all kinds of electric vehicles in every corner of the street, but there are several assembly electric vehicles in the markets. These refurbished electric vehicles and assembled electric vehicles whether from the performance or service life, they are much worse than the original ones.

Today I collected some ways to teach you how to identify the assembly vehicles and the original vehicles. I hope the following contents can help you.

First, look at the test certificate. Original electric vehicles factory inspection has qualified to prove that the assembly car is generally not.

Second, look at the various parts of the vehicle manufacturers of steel stamps. All parts of the original electric vehicles, including motor, frame, front brake, wheel, seat, etc., there will be manufacturers of steel, electric vehicles accessories can be carefully checked when buying. Some lawless elements may also be fake on the seal, but it is difficult to all parts are false.

Third, look at the rearview mirror, the trademark on the key. Original electric vehicles manufacturers have trademarks.

Fourth, from the price to judge. In general, the prices of original electric vehicles are higher, once the price is too low, consumers should be careful.


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