How to install electric vehicle battery to ensure safety

- Jun 29, 2019-

The electric vehicle battery should be installed in a place where the air is circulated, the heat dissipation is good, and the center of gravity is stable. Because the weight of the battery is large, the quality of the battery box should meet the requirements of the weight of the battery; the size of the battery box should meet the requirements for battery installation and operation, and ensure that the spacing between any two batteries is greater than 2mm; the battery packs arranged vertically, the battery in the vertical direction and The batteries must be fixed between each other, and the battery is not allowed to overlap and be pressed.


The interior of the battery box of the electric vehicle should be smooth and smooth, and the through hole should be left in the upper part to ensure that the combustible gas generated during the charging and discharging process of the battery can smoothly escape. The device that is easy to generate electric spark such as the electric door lock and the insurance seat should be connected with the battery. Isolation; the battery should be installed upright, must not be inverted, can not accumulate water, the battery is installed firmly, to ensure that the battery will not move and rub against each other during use, and at the same time anti-vibration and anti-pressure.


The connection diameter of the electric vehicle battery must comply with the relevant electrical installation regulations. The connection between the battery and the wire should be welded or bolted. The connection must be firm. The terminal and the sealing part must not be damaged during the welding operation. The connecting line is not allowed to overlap or overlap. And the phenomenon of being squeezed.


When installing the electric vehicle battery, first disconnect the electric vehicle electric door lock to prevent the fire from being caused by the fire. Insulation measures shall be taken for the tools used for installation, etc., and short-circuiting shall be prevented when connecting the wires to ensure the absolute safety of the