How to maintain the electric car accessories in peacetime

- Apr 20, 2019-

When using electric vehicle accessories in normal times, you must pay attention to some maintenance measures. Before the electric car travels in the usual time, it must ensure the locking of the battery box to ensure that every lighting on the mechanical panel of the electric vehicle is normal. When checking the electric vehicle, the mechanical inspection and the safety of the road must be done. an examination.


When it is raining, if there is water on the road, the area of the water can be used without affecting the electric vehicle. If the road is in contact with the water, the water depth is higher than the wheel. The center of the car will cause the car to seep water and bring trouble to the car.


When we don't use the car at ordinary times, we have to avoid placing the car in a place where the air is humid and the temperature is too high. If the room is extremely corrosive, it will also bring serious chemical corrosion to the paint surface of the whole electric car. Therefore, when we are not using the car, do not put the car under the scorching sun, or get wet under heavy rain.


Finally, the gap pattern of the gutter can cause damage to the electric vehicle accessories, and even cause the electric car to malfunction and cause an accident. Because the design of the electrical control is very complicated, do not disassemble and repair it yourself during use. If there is a problem, you must go to a regular repair center to repair