How to maintain the electric motorcycle frame

- May 25, 2019-

Nowadays, electric motorcycles are widely used, and electric motorcycles are used for traveling. The use of electric power is driving power to ensure the environmental protection of travel. The electric motorcycle frame plays a supporting role for the vehicle, can better bear the weight of the electric motorcycle, and ensures the safety of the electric motorcycle. Therefore, in the daily life, the electric motorcycle frame must be repaired and maintained, in order to better extend its life.


In the maintenance of the electric motorcycle frame, first check all the screws, whether the nut is strong, the control is good, the tire needs to be replaced, and the mechanical system is good. Whether the battery capacity is up to standard. Also check the electrical control circuit for potential troubles, adjust the front and rear brakes to ensure that the brakes are flexible and reliable.


It is recommended to observe whether the steering of the handlebar is reliable and whether there is a phenomenon that the handlebar and the front fork slide against each other. Whether the battery socket is loose, whether the battery compartment lock works, whether the speaker, the headlight switch, the button are flexible and reliable, and whether the battery box is shaken. The frame must be regularly maintained, and problems should be reported to the manufacturer in time to avoid