How to prevent sunlight exposure in summer?

- Jun 23, 2017-

In hot summer, many electric vehicle owners in order to prevent sunlight exposure, they installed a wide range of parasols. It’s very dangerous. Then how the electric vehicle owners take some tips to prevent sunlight exposure in summer?

1. Route selection. Electric vehicle owners must comply with the traffic control non-motor vehicle lane, because non-motorized road near the roadside, roadside trees can play a good shade effect. And now many of the intersections in downtown are installed the awning, for helping prevent sunlight for the users of electric vehicles.

2. Riding equipment, make good use of sun-proof clothing, sun hat and sunscreen. But when you wear sun-proof clothing, avoid anti-wear, because anti-wearing will affect the flexibility of driving. This situation is difficult to control the direction, will increase the probability of accidents.

In addition I’ll give you a reminder; wearing red clothes while driving, because the red clothes of the long wave of radiation can quickly offset the lethal strong short-wave ultraviolet. At the same time, in order to avoid excessive UV rays into the eyes caused damage, you can wear sunglasses.

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