how to properly charge electric bicycles

- Mar 27, 2017-

 New Design Electric Folding Bike

New Design Electric Folding Bike 

Normal battery light turns green on condition that the battery voltage has set a fixed charge voltage. However, during the charging process, you’ll find the light of electric bicycle turns green when it is plugged in power. The reasons for this phenomenon are as follows.

1.There is something wrong with the charger. The converter of charger is broken and can’t convert and charge .So you should buy a new one.

2.The battery is damaged. The life of lead-acid battery is 12-16months. High rate discharged will shorten battery life.

3.The power cord is disconnected from the battery socket, and the contact is bad.


In order to improve the life of electric vehicle batteries, I will show you some simple methods about how to charge the battery correctly.

1.Under normal circumstances the electric bicycle(not often with people, not all day climbing) generally open to the manual on the longest line mileage of 60% -70% charge is the best.


2.If you often riding with people, climbing, it is recommended to open to the manual on the longest mileage of 50% of the charge.


3. If usually open very little, a week did not open to the longest line mileage of 60% to 70%, it is recommended to charge once.


4. If you go out or don’t open usually, it is recommended to charge once a month.


5. In any case, the battery charge time should not exceed 8 hours, especially the third point, the fourth point of the situation, not more than 5 hours.


 New Design Electric Folding Bike

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