How to run the Electric Scooter farther

- Mar 06, 2018-

Insufficient mileage for electric vehicles caused by a variety of reasons, in addition to the battery capacity of the reasons, but also with a number of other factors have a great relationship. Such as Electric Scooter tire pressure and front and rear wheel brakes will have a certain degree of impact on mileage. The following to understand the specific content.


1, Electric Scooter tire pressure on the mileage impact analysis:


The so-called tire pressure, refers to the pressure inside the tire. In production, the tire will be marked on the most suitable range of tire pressure. In order to ensure the ideal driving status of electric vehicles, the tire pressure is generally maintained at 310-380kpa range. Of course, some bad tires when the other matter. So, this factor for the car's mileage will have what effect?


For ease of understanding, we can analyze through a case: For example, in the process of riding a bicycle on the flat road, if you feel the car pedaling particularly hard, it probably means that the car is about to gas. Similarly, the Electric Scooter in the case of insufficient tire pressure will also give the motor a great frictional resistance, so in the same travel distance, low pressure will seriously increase the power consumption.


2, before and after the brake on the Electric Scooter mileage mileage impact analysis:


In addition, the poor response of the front and rear brakes in an Electric Scooter or the abnormal braking system will also have an impact on the mileage. For example, there are many car novices in the car when things will forget to loose the handbrake, resulting in serious wear brake pads.


Similarly, if the brake system of electric vehicles is abnormal, then it will inevitably increase the workload of the motor, resulting in continuous large current electric vehicle battery discharge. As a result, cruising mileage will be shorter. So in the course of use, but also need to ensure good performance brake system.