Identification skills for Electric Cargo Tricycle

- Dec 31, 2018-

The controller is also one of the important components of the Electric Cargo Tricycle. When purchasing, you should first carefully observe the work. In fact, the workmanship of a controller reflects the strength of a company, and the company's pursuit of materials and processes is relatively credible, and the comparison can be seen.


The second is to do a temperature rise comparison test. Compared to the two controller data, the lower the temperature, the better the quality. It should be noted that during the experiment, the same current limit, the same battery capacity, and the same Electric Cargo Tricycle should be guaranteed. The same test should be started from the cold car to maintain the same braking force and time.


In addition, to view the actual back pressure control capability, the voltage at the output of the charger will rise rapidly when the Electric Cargo Tricycle brakes, and the instantaneous voltage limiting capability of the controller is tested. This test has no effect if it is tested with a battery. This test can also be carried out during a fast downhill trip and brakes when the car reaches its maximum speed.


In addition, comparative analysis should be based on the control capabilities of the controller and the efficiency of the work. Test the maximum speed reached by different controllers under the no-load condition of the same Electric Cargo Tricycle. The higher the maximum speed, the higher the efficiency and the higher the cruising