Knowledge of mountain electric bicycle maintenance

- Oct 31, 2017-

To protect our mountain electric bikes, we need to keep our electric bikes clean first. The second is to pay attention to the adjustable maximum height of the vehicle.

We all know that the electric bicycles may have some change after riding for a period of time. So at this time we need to check the electric bicycles according to the requirements of the specification.


In this process, if there are abnormal problems, be sure to deal with them immediately. After that, it is also necessary to check whether the transmission parts of the mountain electric bicycle are flexible and should clean the oil slick after it is lubricated. Then it is necessary to ensure that the tires are inflated properly so as not to affect the comfort and service life of the bike. 


Because everyone's height is different, riders need to adjust the height of the mountain of electric bicycle saddle and handlebar according to their own, to ensure comfort of riding. After adjustment, it should also check if the brakes are normal. You should know that the front brake of the vehicle is controlled by the right brake, and the rear brake is controlled by the left brake.


In addition, we'd better check whether the chain's tightness is reasonable before riding. This is because if the chain is too tight, it can be difficult to ride, making people feel tired. If it is too loose, it can easily collide with other parts. It is recommended that you should adjust the vertical adjustment of the chain within 1-2mm.


Finally, users also need to check for lubrication of chain before using mountain electric bicycle. It is mainly to check the chain axis rotation is flexible, whether the link appeared serious corrosion. If any abnormality is found, it should be lubricated in moderate amount. If the situation is serious, you need to change the chain in time.

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