How to maintain and repair the battery of electric bicycle

- Mar 27, 2017-

Light electric bicycles have become one of the most convenient means of transport. But everyone in the enjoyment of the convenience which the electric bicycles bring to us, we will still inevitably encounter the embarrassing problem that the battery short of energy. To avoid and against such emergencies, I will introduce the following effective maintenance and repair methods to you.


1. Reassemble the group of batteries. After the whole group of batteries is “damaged”, we often charge and discharge the batteries again for detection. The test will often find that 50% of the group is not damaged. The reason is that in the serial battery pack, the individual battery is damaged and causes the function decline of the entire group of batteries.


2. Replenishing electrolyte. Replenishing electrolyte of the battery after using for about half a year, you can extend the battery life for more than 3 months. It should be noted that, after the replenishment, the battery is in the overcharge state and change the battery to the “barren liquor” state. Its helpful to improve the battery capacity.


3. Comprehensive repair method. The battery should be regularly tested, sulphur removal and Replenishing electrolyte, a single battery recharging or Reassemble the group of batteries.


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