Maintenance knowledge for simple electric bike

- Jan 05, 2018-

Simple electric bikes are more and more popular with consumers.As users, we need to do good maintenance work .From the market, the design of the simple electric bike has become more and more fashionable, both the function is more and more complete.In addition, the product is updated at a relatively fast pace, and it is light and compact, and it is easy for people to be attracted to people.

In fact, simple electric bikes are particularly popular among young female friends.During the daily use, how to do well maintenance?

1.It is recommended that you don't remove the speed limit when you use it.Although the speed of the electric bike can be effectively improved after the speed limit is removed, it can reduce the safety of the electric bike and reduce the battery life.

2.In the process of using a simple electric bike, not only we should form the good driving habit, but also protect the charger.Especially when placed charger, in the case of serious vibration, the inside of the charger potentiometer will drift without protection, some more serious , it even leads to the entire parameter drift that we can't normal charge.This will have a bad effect on the battery,  it will also affect the driving experience.

When charging for a simple electric bike,it is best to do it in a roomy and well-ventilated environment.This will not only guarantee the charging state, but also protect the battery.It is recommended that we form a good charging habit and recharge your batteries in time.

In addition, the use of a simple electric bike should be used to make the habit of saving electricity.In some cases we can take advantage of coast, for example, such as downhill slide can use electricity in advance when to slow down, also had better early in case of traffic lights time into the slide, as far as possible reduce the frequency of the brakes.Steering can also be used to jump-start a simple electric bike, which could help speed up cycling.