Maintenance methods of battery for electric tricycles

- Aug 08, 2017-

The battery is a very important component for electric tricycles ,so as a user we must maintain it. First of all, in the daily use process, we should make sure that the battery can not be stored loss of electricity. Otherwise, the longer the loss of electricity, the more serious the damage to the battery will be, which will not only cause the power to be uncharged, but also result in scrap.

In order to prevent the use of the battery, we must be careful to avoid such problems. Secondly, during the use of electric tricycles, we have to check the battery regularly. For example, if the vehicle's driving range suddenly drops significantly, it means that at least one of the batteries in the battery is abnormal, such as a broken grid and the softening of the pad. At this time, we must repair in time.

In addition, during the use of electric tricycles, we should also avoid excessive current discharge as much as possible. For example, when starting, manned and uphill, it is best to use pedal power to prevent instantaneous large current discharge. This is because the large current discharge may cause the lead crystallization of sulfuric acid, which results in a decrease in the performance of the battery.

In addition, we also have to make sure that we have a good time to recharge, and we also need to pay attention to providing a good charging environment. Normally, electric tricycles charge at average of eight hours. When charged, we should cut off the power in time to avoid overcharging.

The hottest season of the year is coming. So in the process of using the electric tricycles, we should also try to avoid long time exposure in the sun, and attention should be paid to do a good job in ventilation measures, lest cause safety accidents.


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