Maintenance of electric tricycle car, battery and controller

- May 23, 2019-

The electric tricycle car has been installed and commissioned to the best condition before being sold. Please do not disassemble the electrical appliances and related components during use. There is no need to adjust or maintain the motor during normal use, just do some cleaning work such as surface dust removal. Never add lubricant to the drive components at will.


When the electric tricycle car starts, it should accelerate slowly; when driving on a steep slope and on the wind, it is better to assist and avoid large current discharge of the battery to prolong the life of the battery and the motor. And can avoid burning electrical components. When the battery is not used for a long time, it should be fully charged, and it should be recharged for not less than 24 hours every three months.


The battery of the electric tricycle car should be carried out in the air circulation environment during charging, and the positive and negative terminals of the battery should not be short-circuited to avoid danger. The battery is a special battery. Please do not use it as a power source other than the electric tricycle car to avoid damage to the battery. The battery is a consumable and the battery life is limited. The end of life of the battery should be assessed at a full charge of only one half of the national mileage. That is, when the battery life is terminated when the mileage is less than 13Km, the battery should be replaced.


The controller has been adjusted to the optimum state when the electric tricycle car is shipped from the factory. If there is an electrical failure or loss of control during riding, non-professional maintenance personnel can only check the cables and connectors. If the fault cannot be eliminated, contact the professional service point or the manufacturer