Maintenance skills of electric bicycle batteries

- Nov 03, 2017-

Usually, after testing, the actual life and performance of the qualified electric bicycle battery are largely determined by the use and maintenance of the consumer. In other words, the daily maintenance has a close relationship with the performance of the battery. So, how do we actually protect the batteries of electric bicycles?

First, when charging the battery, you must choose the appropriate charger to charge. You know, in fact, many batteries for electric bicycles are damaged due to incorrect charging methods. From this, we can also see the importance of the charger for the battery. If the charger quality is not ideal or does not match, then with the number of charge and discharge increase, then the internal components of the charger will appear aging, and may cause damage to the battery.


Second, the user must develop the correct charging habits. In fact, for electric bicycles, in the daily riding, it is necessary to use electricity to ride. Therefore, if the charge is insufficient or the charging method is incorrect, then the trip will be affected. In order to ensure that the battery can be used longer, we need to charge it in time, and to properly control the charge time.

In addition, it is hoped that when the users are riding the electric bicycles, they should make appropriate adjustments according to their riding distance and battery power, or fully charge in advance, so as to avoid the insufficient electricity. The ride should be stopped as soon as possible after the indicator light indicates under-voltage.

This is because under such conditions, if continuing riding, it will cause a great damage to the battery, seriously affecting its service life. In addition, when the electric bicycle is just starting or climbing, it is best to use the cycling assistance to protect the battery.

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