Management of electric tricycles

- Nov 20, 2018-

Safety must be observed during daily use to ensure safe driving of the vehicle and personal safety of the occupants. First, the vehicle should be cleaned regularly to check whether the power is sufficient, whether the tires, brakes, and chain can be used normally. Secondly, the operation requirements of the electric tricycle must be followed, the traffic rules should be observed, the safety awareness should be enhanced, and the speed should be controlled.


These preparations are also required before using the electric tricycle to ensure safe riding:

1. It is strictly forbidden to slide  to ensure the safety of users;

2. The power lock switch can be turned on after the vehicle is in the car, and the power switch must be turned off before getting off the vehicle;

3. When riding in rainy days, care should be taken to prevent water in the controller and motor from causing short-circuit damage.

Remember to charge the charger output into the battery's charging socket when charging the electric tricycle, then turn the input terminal into the power supply 220V; when charging, you can judge according to the color of the indicator light on the charger, the red indicator light is on. Means charging. Before the battery is fully charged, the green indicator light is on, and it is best to charge 1-3h after the green light is on.