Motorcycle assembly quality inspection and transportation requirements before leaving the factory

- Mar 02, 2019-

Before the electric motorcycle is shipped from the factory, in addition to checking its performance, a series of inspections are required for its overall assembly quality. So, what is specifically included in the process of checking the assembly quality? Next, we will briefly introduce the assembly quality inspection of electric motorcycles.


The first is to check the tightening torque of the electric motorcycle. Check the fastener tightening torque before the vehicle is running and review it after driving 100 km. For the fasteners that require the tightening torque in the technical documentation, use a torque wrench to smoothly increase the torque in the direction of tightening, and read the torque that starts the swirling moment. There are cotter pins or nuts that lock the gasket and fasteners that are difficult to inspect. You can check whether it has been tightened with a fixed wrench. The remaining fasteners are checked by experience using a fixed wrench.


The other aspect mainly refers to the inspection of leakage and leakage of electric motorcycles. During the inspection, wipe the parts that need to be inspected, such as brakes and shock absorbers, before the vehicle is engaged. Check the seepage and leakage during the 100 km travel of the vehicle. Note that the vehicle under test should be driven at a speed of 50% to 70% of the designed maximum speed. After each 50 km, stop and check the seals.


If the electric motorcycle is found to have liquid leakage within 10 minutes during the parking period, if there is liquid trace, it will not be judged as liquid leakage, and the cumulative travel will be reviewed after 100 km. It also includes a visual inspection of the appearance of the vehicle, usually by visual or hand-feeling methods, and standard samples or templates can be used in case of dispute.


In the process of transportation, it should be noted that the electric motorcycle should be fastened and fastened on the transport vehicle in advance, and effective rain-proof measures should be taken, and the product should not be damaged or damaged. The box should not be tilted during transport. It is best to store the electric motorcycle in a warehouse that is ventilated, dry, clean, rainproof, and sun-protected, and take care to avoid placing it in stock with flammable materials and chemical corrosion