Principles of electric motorcycle standard

- Aug 23, 2017-

Compared with the traditional motorcycle, there are many special places in the electric motorcycle itself, so it needs to be distinguished when setting relevant standards. The main difference lies in the power source and the driving system, while other aspects are almost identical to the traditional motorcycle. So what principles should we adhere to when setting standards for electricity?

First of all, when setting standards, we can treat them separately. For example, the consistent parts of electric and traditional motorcycles should be implemented according to the existing traditional motorcycle regulations, and will not be reformulated. This part mainly includes: light, armrest, and bulge. Secondly, if it is in common with electric vehicles, it should be used for reference or direct reference to the standard of the part, and no additional requirements, such as terminology, battery standard, etc.

The third point, if you have existing traditional motorcycle standards do not conflict, but only for electric motorcycle in special add a small amount of content, you can modify the original standard, or add some related content, such as controls, indicators, etc. 

Fourth, if it is unique and cannot be shared with conventional motorcycles or electric vehicle standards, it needs to be developed separately. Usually, the standard formulation should be from urgent to slow, from easy to difficult, so gradual improvement of the corresponding standard system.

In conclusion, the formulation of electric motorcycle standards can be used in the formulation of electric vehicle standards. Believing that after perfecting the relevant standards, electric motorcycle will be able to get better development in the future markets, and its performance will be improved as the technology improves. 

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