Replacement technique of simple type electric vehicle front brake

- Apr 08, 2018-

Many people often ignore the front brake when they use simple electric cars. What I want to remind you here is that although the front brake is not used frequently, it can't be avoided. If the rear brake fails, the front brake of the simple electric vehicle can control the vehicle speed properly. Sometimes, when the left hand is on the phone, if it is in an emergency, it can brake ahead.


Therefore, even if the front brake is seldom used, it is also necessary to ensure its effectiveness. Next, we will briefly introduce the replacement technology for the front brake of the simple electric vehicle. First of all, we need to spray and permeate the two ends of the front wheels of the electric vehicle with rust removable lubricants, so that they can be easily disassembled. Note that if forced unloading, screws may be slipped, even causing the deformation of the internal hook of the screw.


Next, we should use a suitable hydraulic top to suspend the front wheel of a simple electric vehicle, and keep in mind that it must be kept stable so as to ensure safety. Then the use of a plum spanner or sleeve to disassemble, not easy to screw the "edge" twist touch the hand loss of silk, if the screw side of the other side of the screw to follow, with another wrench "pipe", the screw hard screwing back and forth back and forth screwing, a few rounds will be easy to screw down.


If you just change the front brake disc, you should also pay attention to the dexterity of the brake rocker. It is better to remove the rocker arm with gauze and then apply the oil to make the rocker more flexible. To ensure that there is no problem with the rocker arm, you can install the new brake pads, and use two hands to press the front brake pad at a 90 degree press to ensure that it is in place.


In addition, we should pay attention to check whether the brake line is flexible or not, so as to ensure the front brake is in good condition. In short, we must ensure that the front brake of the simple electric vehicle is intact, so that it will be of great help in case of emergency.