Selection details of electric trikes

- Oct 29, 2018-

At present, all kinds of electric tricycle products on the market are already quite rich, and they can be identified through some details when purchasing. The first is to first select the appearance quality of the vehicle, mainly to see if the trademark, decal is intact, whether the surface quality of paint, electroplating, plastic, and aluminum alloy is satisfactory.


Secondly, pay attention to the assembly quality of the electric tricycle. For example, whether the screws are tightly fastened, the handlebars, wheels, cranks and ankles should be flexible, the rim should be round and the rounding momentum should be small. Moreover, the handlebars, saddles, mud boards, hangers, and brackets should be positive or symmetrical, and there should be no obvious skew. The electric door key and the battery lock should be tried. The electric door lock, battery lock and toolbox lock should be the most convenient for a common key.


Next, special attention should be paid to verifying the braking effect of the electric tricycle, and at the same time verifying whether the configured motor is stable and reliable during operation and whether the sound is normal. We can experience the performance of the whole car by trial ride and decide whether to buy it. Finally, the invoice, charger, certificate, manual, three-pack card, etc. should be collected and kept properly.